Who is Angelo De Lusso?

The creative, Angelo De Lusso, is a street artist who was born in an unknown location in Italy in 1984. His creativity takes influence from all aspects of his life. Growing up in Italy he had a dream to one day express his creativity through fashion. In 2017, whilst living in London, Angelo De Lusso obtained his vision to create a new streetwear culture which would originate in the European capital. He began by anonymously creating street art in various nondescript locations across the city.

As his artwork started to gain attention and become more prominent amongst streetwear enthusiasts, he decided to express his love for art, music and anything creative, into his own self-named men's streetwear brand which he became the anonymous creative director of. 

“We are bold, we are innovative”- Angelo De Lusso (2018, London)

 His idea for him to keep his true identity concealed portrays how he wants people to envisage the brand. The products he created range from hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and accessories. All these garments were created to act as statement pieces, featuring Angelo De Lusso's signature designs, which he only releases limited pieces of because he constantly innovates, pushes boundaries and challenges convention. The general style to this brand is streetwear meets designer. Every piece of clothing you will see is unique and exclusive.

 Angelo De Lusso assembled his team through interacting with people on the streets of Manchester. This is where he discovered a small community of creative and entrepreneurial individuals who shared his vision of expressing his street art through men's fashion in the UK. This is where he found artists, models and photographers. The team represent the innovative mission that is being implemented and it shows only those who live outside of normal convention get to work with Angelo De Lusso.

Angelo De Lusso has created a range of garments in his initial range, men's trucker hats and other caps for men, designer sweatshirts. His key is to focus on designer caps and men's sweatshirts as he feels these are the places he can make most of a difference in the market. The initial collection is mainly black and consists of a black t-shirt, black men's hoodie, and even a black cap.

 In terms of bold, convention-challenging and innovative garments, Angelo De Lusso is the one to follow.

You can check out his full collection here