What you need to know about the Love Island Final?

The Love island Final is around the corner

It feels like only yesterday we were cringing as the male Love islanders were standing in the sun next to Caroline Flack anxiously waiting for at least one of the girls to step forward for them. But all the fun in the sun is soon coming to an end as the final is set to be aired on Monday 30th July in an extended episode that will last until 10.35pm. With the show managing to get a whopping average of 2 million viewers a night for the past eight weeks, most of the nation will be tuning in to see which couple actually wins the £50,000 prize.

We all know by now that the prize is £50,000 and the couple can each choose to steal or share the money with each other. However, what you may not know is that the Love island company also cash in on the islander’s winnings and 10% of all their earnings for 3 years after the show has aired. Seems a bit greedy right, after all, they’re already raking it in with all the adverts and the number of viewers they have. Well, the way they see it is they are launching all of the islander’s careers by allowing them to be on the show. 

It’s safe to say that last year’s winners have secured the bag when it comes to their earnings after the show. Amber Davies (21) and Kem Cetinay (22) both won Love Island 2017 and chose to share the £50,000 prize. Amber managed to get a £500k contract with fashion brand Motel Rocks, she was the face of the Boux Avenue campaign in 2017, she charged £5,000 per appearance, she hosted Good morning Britain along with Kem Cetinay for a week. Amber and Kem are said to have earned over 1 million since leaving the villa. And it’s not all about winning because fellow ex-Islander Chris Hughes has earned £1 million and his ex-girlfriend and ex-islander Olivia Atwood has earned £900k since leaving the villa. This was probably due to their popularity on the show, Chris and Kem had an unmatchable bromance that made us all wanna root for them as friends more than them in their separate couples.

The aim of the game is obviously to stay in as long as you can and that also helps in how much money an Islander can make. Let’s face it all of the Islanders that came into Casa Amor and left without coupling up with anyone won’t be remembered much at all. Also, any islanders that left the villa in the early stages too, the more airtime you get the better for your earnings. Their lack of memorability has a big effect on their earnings outside of the villa unless they had a great personality and created drama on screen.

The biggest question is who do you think it going to win this year? If we base it off popularity Dani and Jack are a no-brainer, due to them never being in the bottom three of the dumping ceremony. Not only that but the fact that she’s also got a famous Dad (Danny Dyer) and he is loved by many too. The main thing is definitely their chemistry, they are hilarious when they argue with Dani saying to Jack: ‘I’m going home tomorrow’ and him sarcastically replying: ‘what time’s your flight then?’. They’re both down to earth and actually seem to be in love unlike many of the other Islander’s.

Other than Dani and Jack there’s a chance it could be Laura and Paul. They weren’t in the bottom three last night and people feel sorry for Laura. They want to see her get a guy that actually stays with her unlike Jack and Wes did. Although she can have a jealous streak that many aren’t fond of.

No matter whoever wins all the Islanders are set to make a big amount of cash following their departure from the villa. But what kind of ventures will they go into? If last year’s anything to go by then everyone will be sponsored ad after ad. It’s already been rumoured that Itv2 will give Jack and Dani their own show after Love Island due to their mass popularity with the public. Since they already gave Chris and Kem their own show and separate shows to Chris and Olivia and Kem and Amber I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it again. I can already see Wes and Josh being inundated with hosting gigs because of their great banter and jokes. Kaz and Megan will probably go more into the modelling side of things, maybe even being the face of campaigns like Amber and Montana from last year did. 

Winner or not my predictions on who in the villa now will make the most money after leaving (in order) is Jack and Dani, Wes, Josh, Laura, Alex, Megan, Alexandra, Kaz and Paul. Remember, Love islands on Sunday to Friday every week at 9.00 on ITV 2.