Angelo De Lusso Releases Men's Caps

Angelo De Lusso Releases Men's Caps

The ultimate paparazzi shield- it is no wonder that the trucker hats have become an iconic aspect of most men's wardrobes worldwide. Men's hats of all kinds have been worn for generations and caps for men are not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Angelo De Lusso has released a new set of stylish men's headwear in our first every range of Men's Caps for our Season 1 collection.

Our initial offering offers a variety of different caps, ranging from khaki to black options. The team spent countless months designing products that they felt would resonate with the customer. A variety of trucker hats and beanie hats have been released for collection 1.

Angelo De Lusso aims to raise the level on the men's clothing game. Within our first collection, we really focused on redefining the classic black cap. Our team felt that it was in need of a shakeup and spent months all over the world finding the best suppliers and most talented people to make the vision happen.

Hopefully you love the collection as much as we do, and you can check out our entire designer menswear collection here.

Caps for Men

Over the last five years, caps have become more a more prominent feature of most streetwear outfits. Why? The answer is simple, versatility.

Caps allow the consumer to change up their outfit with ease, to add more of an edge to simple outfits and help make an outfit less formal and to accessorize. These days caps can be seen on everyone from athletes to musicians. It's definitely a wardrobe piece that helps make a statement. 

It takes a certain kind of confidence to be able to pull off any sort of headwear and can add a bit of flavor and attitude to an outfit.

Within recent years men's caps have become ingrained in the culture, you will be hard pressed to walk down a street in a major city without seeing someone sporting a designer cap. 

Men's caps have really evolved over the years and now there are various different types of caps on the market but one thing is for certain caps for men are not going anywhere and the demand will continue to grow in the coming years.